1st Place
Tom Partlow’s “GOT’M ON” with Capt. K.T. Scott

2nd Place
Chris McClanahan’s  “LIVE SITUATION” with Capt. Tommy Carbo

3rd Place
Sherman Burrow’s “HIGH NOON” with Capt. John Brennan

4th Place
John Ramming’s “REBECCA” with Capt. Tommy Guildner

Largest Fish weighed
111.9 lb. Yellowfin Tuna on “HIGH COTTON”

Largest Blue Marlin released
“FUHGEDABOUDIT”  Estimated 700 lbs.

First Blue Marlin released

Most Billfish Released
“LIVE SITUATION”   11 Releases

Largest Yellowfin Tuna
“HIGH COTTON”      111.9 lbs.

Largest Wahoo
“MONO CHONGO”    34.75 lbs.

Largest Dorado
“MONO CHONGO”    25.1 lbs.