Blue Marlin Weighed-in (minimum 106″ 1 point per pound
Blue Marlin Released 500 points
White Marlin Released 150 points
Sailfish Released 100 points


Blue Marlin 600 lbs. and over. 1 point per pound
+900 Points

Highest score determines the winner(s). The boat with the most points accrued by the earliest time of their last fish released (or blue marlin boated) wins.

You have the choice to release or boat a blue marlin with a short length (Tip of Lower jaw to Fork in Tail) of 106″ or more.  Since you are rewarded with 500 points for releasing a blue marlin, it doesn’t make sense to boat one that you think will not weigh 500 lbs. If you decide to boat a blue marlin, the capture and boating should be recorded on video and the time the blue marlin is hauled on board should be recorded and reported to Tournament Headquarters or a Committee Boat.

If you catch a Blue Marlin that weighs over 600 lbs., the tournament rewards your accomplishment with a 900 point bonus in addition to the 1 point per pound scoring. This bonus reflects the skill and difficulty involved in boating a large blue marlin vs. releasing any size blue marlin.

If for some reason the points and release times between boats are identical, the boat with the most blue marlin wins.

On all weighed fish, in the case of a tie, length prevails.


Entry Fee and Mandatory $1,000 Billfish Pool must be at Tournament Headquarters on or before July 15, 2020 to qualify for discounted entry fee – $1600.
After July 15th, entry fee is $1,950. Final entry deadline is 7:00 pm August 8th, 2019 in Port Aransas, Texas, or 5:00 pm at Coastline Marine in Seabrook, Texas.
Mandatory Billfish Pool $1,000

Optional Billfish Pools $2,000  $4000  $6,000

Optional Blue Marlin Pools $2000  $4000  $6000


A Special Word about the Blue Marlin (Only) Pools!

The Blue Marlin Pools are for Blue Marlin weighed or released, just like the Billfish Pools. The Blue Marlin Pools are for Blue Marlin only and are for those participants strictly interested in fishing for Blue Marlin.

The Billfish Pools include points for Blue Marlin weighed or released, White Marlin released and Sailfish released.

The Tournament Places are based on the $1,000 Mandatory Billfish Pool which all participants are required to enter.

Swordfish are not included in the Billfish Pools.

The Billfish and Blue Marlin Pools use an aggregate point system with release points and weighed points and will pay up to 4 places.

The boat with the most points wins.

The Optional Boat Pools are exactly that, Optional, and are not required or included in the base entry fee. Entry into the Optional Pools is not required to be eligible for the Tournament Awards. Payout on all Boat Pools is 95%. 5% administrative cost deducted.

Number of Places 4 3 2 1 Captain’s and Mate’s pools are winner take all.Optional Captains Pool $250 – most billfish pointsOptional Mates Pool $250 – most billfish points
1st Place 50% 50% 65% 100%
2nd Place 25% 30% 35%
3rd Place 15% 20%
4th Place 10%


Pays Two Places – The Two Heaviest Fish in each pool win!

1st Place – 65% / 2nd Place – 35%
A Boat may win more than one place. minimum weight for 2019 – 20 lbs.
(20 lb. Minimum weight (Federal minimums apply also!)

Yellowfin Tuna Pools $500 / $1,500 / $2,500
Wahoo Pools $500 / $1,500 / $2,500
Dolphin Pools $500 / $1,500 / $2,500
Swordfish Pool $1,500