• All boats are required to have a video camera to verify release of billfish. Each boat is responsible for it’s own video equipment.
  • All boats will be required to present their video at Virginia’s 2nd Floor above the Weigh-in Station for the Video Review Committee to  verify.
  • All boats must be able to display their video on a monitor, laptop or other similar device when presenting their video for verification. The video review committee will have a monitor and laptop available at the tournament, however, it is the responsibility of the participant to provide everything needed to view their video!
  • Releases should be confirmed by nearby boats, if possible, and must be reported to Tournament Headquarters 409-739-4817 / 713-725-2757 or a Committee Boat. If Tournament Headquarters or a Committee Boat cannot be reached, another tournament boat can verify the catch.
  • Only releases verified by video camera and verified by the video review committee earn points.
  • It’s a good idea to film with more than one camera in case of equipment failure.

                                Video Release Rules

To obtain release points, a video must CLEARLY SHOW the following in CONTINUOUS UNEDITED VIDEO:

  1. Angler fighting the fish
  2. Object of the day.
  3. Clear Identification of species.
  4. Wireman with leader in hand.
  5. CATCH and RELEASE of the fish clearly showing at least one of the following events:
    • The fish swimming away following it’s release.
    • The hook being removed or the leader being cut.
    • The hook pulling free or leader breaking while leader is in hand
  6. The CORRECT TIME immediately following the release. The Video Camera TIME AND DATE STAMP is strongly preferred. The time on a digital time keeping device shown clearly in the video will be accepted (a smart phone works great!).


  1. Recorded continuously on a single camera from a time starting prior to the leader being in hand until clearly showing the time of release. If the identification of the fish is prior to the above starting point, then the video must be continuous – starting from the time of the identification of the fish.
  2. Presented for review, unedited, in the camera it was recorded on or on a memory card enabling playback on a computer monitor or similar device.

IMPORTANT! Please have your video ready to show in a timely manner for the Video Review Committee. Using  a CLEAN MEMORY CARD with no other data at the beginning of the tournament is a big help. It makes it much easier to find the video(s) to be reviewed. It is up to you to furnish everything needed to view your video. TIME and DATE stamp on the camera is preferred. Tablets such as an iPad take excellent video that is very easy to review and show TIME and DATE. It’s also a good idea to video with more than one device in case of equipment failure. Only releases verified by the video review committee earn points.  MORE IS BETTER! THE MORE VIDEO WE SEE, THE EASIER IT IS FOR US TO VERIFY YOU HAVE MET ALL OF THE VIDEO RELEASE REQUIREMENTS!

“We proudly support The Billfish Foundation and we encourage everyone to become involved (or join). it is a great organization that helps to protect  and conserve the billfish population globally”